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Unlock Physical Space Analytics with Computer Vision

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

11:00 - 11:45 AM PST

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About this event

Join alwaysAI's Co-Founder and CEO, Marty Beard, with Head of Product & Partner Management, Scott Miller, and Software Engineer and Developer Advocate, Lila Mullany, to learn how to leverage Computer Vision for real-time custom analytics.

This webinar will explore use cases in retail, manufacturing, and transportation while demonstrating how the alwaysAI platform can provide the foundation for scalable and accessible physical space analytics.

Computer Vision is a last mile technology; it allows us to digitize the physical world, including the places where we shop, work, and play. And we can leverage the data from these places to understand customer journeys, improve worker safety, and generally make better informed decisions.



Learn how to leverage Computer Vision for real-time analytics, and explore use cases in retail, manufacturing, and transportation.



Follow along to our demo, and ask alwaysAI experts questions about our analytics capabilities and Computer Vision.



Learn how to capture information in real-time and use it to improve your buyer's experience and significantly boost your ROI.

Learn from alwaysAI experts

Join our panelists for a demonstration and Q&A on how to gain real-time analytics about your business with the alwaysAI platform.


Marty Beard

Co-Founder & CEO


Scott Miller

Head of Product & Partner Management


Lila Mullany

Software Engineer & Developer Advocate