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Hacky Hour 20: Hacky Hour Trivia

Hacky Hour TriviaThis special holiday hacky hour is a chance for you to test your knowledge about alwaysAI and computer vision! If you missed it, no worries, you can test your knowledge with the Hacky Hour quiz below. The answers are located at the bottom of the blog. For explanations, watch the Hacky Hour Trivia video below. 1. Where is the origin for the Numpy axis 0,0?A. top left corner B. right bottom cornerC. MiddleD. Bottom left corner2. What tool does alwaysAI’s Model Training Toolkit...

Hacky Hour 18, 19, & 21: Identify a Package at the DoorStep

What is the Model Training Toolkit?

Hacky Hour 15: Making Sense of the RealSense

What is the RealSense Depth Camera? 

Computer Vision on Edge Vs. Cloud


6 Industries Computer Vision Will Change: Use Cases from Hackathons

Imagine how the world would change if we could easily extend the functions of our visual cortex to machines. Computer Vision (CV) has provided us with immense opportunities to build systems and machines that can change the world. We took our CV platform, alwaysAI, to hackathons at top universities in California: University of San Diego, University of Southern California, and Stanford University. With less than 48 hours to complete their projects, students delivered phenomenal projects using...