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Upcoming AI Events: Autumn 2019

Want to speak with us about opportunities for your business to accelerate Deep Learning Computer Vision on the edge?  Interested in a demo of the alwaysAI platform? Our team will be at AI events in September, October and November 2019 in California, and we're open for conversations.

Using Object Detection on IoT Devices

Something big is happening! The real world is being radically transformed by tech. Forward-thinking businesses are focusing to make the most significant change since the invention of the printed circuit board.

A Developer’s Intro to Object Detection

Whenever any collection of objects enter your field of vision, your brain instinctively begins the processes of recognition and localization. One of the core challenges of computer vision (CV) is to replicate this intelligence in a computer.

This is impossible without a proper understanding of human vision and visual perception. The study of biological vision has revealed that the human eyes and brain are connected to an intricate level of functioning. While the eyes receive the visual data,...

History of Computer Vision and Its Principles

Software and hardware technologies are advancing to a place where you can easily equip low-power, resource-constrained edge devices with AI computer vision capabilities. Here's a brief history of computer vision (CV), how it started, what CV is currently working and how you can use it to empower your existing equipment.

Ultimately, developers everywhere can build and deploy deep learning computer vision applications to make your business more functional, productive, and profitable.

alwaysAI Builds Momentum in Computer Vision + Developer Outreach

San Diego Startup Team Grows with Hires of Vikram Gupta and Jason Koo

alwaysAI Appoints Scott Miller as Head of Product & Partner Management

alwaysAI deepened its management bench today with the appointment of Scott Miller as Head of Product and Partner Management.

alwaysAI Joins NVIDIA Inception Program

alwaysAI today announced it has joined the NVIDIA Inception program, which is designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences.

Former Blackberry COO Founds AI Company in San Diego

Two experienced tech executives moved to San Diego to create a company that would make it easier for developers to use AI technologies. Former Blackberry COO, Marty Beard and former Sphera Solutions CTO, Steve Griset, founded AlwaysAI in Solana Beach last May. Picking the San Diego area for its expertise in big data, neuroscience and mobile technology.

Term Sheet - Tuesday, January 15

While we’re all obsessing over Bitcoin’s price fluctuations, blockchain technology keeps advancing in its shadows. At least that’s what the CEO of newly-launched cryptocurrency venture Bakkt thinks.

Computer Vision Startup Takes $4M in Series-A Funding Round

“The platform’s tools will allow for the development of computer vision systems that can detect, classify, count, and track objects, and that can perform facial recognition.”

alwaysAI announces $4M Series A Funding from BlueRun Ventures

alwaysAI today announced the close of a $4M Series A funding round to bring its deep learning computer vision (CV) platform for embedded devices to enterprise developers. The funding was led by BRV, a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm, with participation from co-founder and CEO Marty Beard. alwaysAI will use its funding to broaden and commercialize its deep learning computer vision platform and expand its team.

alwaysAI Raises $4M in Series A Funding

alwaysAI, a San Diego, CA-based provider of deep learning computer vision (CV) platform for embedded devices, closed a $4M Series A funding round.

California AI Startup Gets $4 Million in Funding from BlueRun Ventures

The San Diego-based artificial intelligence startup alwaysAI, has announced a $4 million Series A funding round backed by BlueRun Ventures. The company announced that this latest investment will bring its deep learning computer vision (CV) platform to developers.

AlwaysAI Adds $4M to Bring Deep Learning to Embedded ‘Edge’ Devices

Many of our devices, from wearables to medical instruments to drones, can capture reams of images. Using algorithms to analyze those images on the devices, in turn, generally takes loads of computing power and energy—sometimes more than is feasible.