alwaysAI is bringing Deep Learning Computer Vision to the Edge. We are providing professional developers a simple and easy-to-use platform to build and deploy computer vision applications on embedded devices. The alwaysAI Private Beta program starts soon  -- please apply now to secure your participation.


Apply for the Beta Now

As a participant, you get early access to our platform and an open channel of communication with our team.

What you’ll need:

  1. An ARM32- or ARM64-based developer board running Linux, such as Qualcomm Snapdragon, NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Google Coral, or Raspberry Pi 3 b+.
  2. A 1080p USB webcam
  3. A few hours to create your first project with our platform
Computer Vision Use Case


Choose a Computer Vision Use Case

Detect, classify and track objects, including people.

Download Middleware


Select a Pre-trained Model

Choose from our catalogue -- or provide your own model.

Use the SDK to Build a CV App


Use the SDK to Build a CV App

Create a customized AI solution to meet your business needs.

Deploy Computer Vision Applications


Deploy to Embedded Devices

Deploy your application on the ARM board of your choice.

Our Product Stack – Complete and Integrated

The alwaysAI Deep Learning CV Platform provides you with the following: 

  • Core computer vision services such as object detection and classification, semantic segmentation, and object tracking exposed as consistent Python APIs
  • A catalogue that standardizes Caffe and TensorFlow models across 12 key parameters
  • Middleware that integrates over 50 language libraries and deep learning frameworks compiled from source code and optimized for the ARM Cortex
  • Linux kernel and device drivers optimized for specific system on a chip (SoC) platforms as well as container images to support a reliable development environment across a variety of resource-constrained and unconnected edge devices
  • End-to-end versioning and dependency management



alwaysAI Computer Vision Platform Product Stack

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