How to Build an Image Classification App with alwaysAI in Minutes

Creating a working application that incorporates computer vision is easier than ever before with the software provided by alwaysAI, which gives developers access to pre-trained computer vision models along with basic starter applications for various tasks, including object detection, image classification, pose estimation and more — simplifying what was previously an arduous and lengthy process for developers.


Computer Vision ML Primitives

At alwaysAI, within our APIs, we have defined a set of basic machine learning building blocks that we call primitives.  These primitives form the foundation upon which machine learning-based computer vision applications are built upon. Those three primitives are Image Classification, Object Detection, and Semantic Segmentation.

Image Classification algorithms try to classify the most dominant content in an image.  While Object Detection algorithms will localize objects within an image and assign them bounding box coordinates and labels.  Semantic Segmentation algorithms classify every pixel in an image including background pixels, while all the other primitives are taught to ignore background pixels. 

In today's blog, we will use the alwaysAI platform to build a classification application that classifies a set of photos and then lets you search the classified results.

Image Classification Application

There are two important pieces to any image classification application; standard computer science code that calls the inference engine and processes the results, and a machine learning classification model that provides predictions to the application.

About alwaysAI

alwaysAI provides developers an easy-to-use platform to quickly build and deploy deep learning Computer Vision applications on “IoT” devices like cameras, drones, wearables, robots, and transportation units. The final goal of alwaysAI is giving devices  ‘intelligent sight’ and enable them to autonomously make smart decisions in real-time.

alwaysAI is located in San Diego, with our headquarters in the beautiful Solana Beach neighborhood. We leverage San Diego’s incredible intersection of mobility, big data, and neuroscience communities – all critical to the future of artificial intelligence and computer vision.

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