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CUDA & Contours

A hands-on workshop introducing NVIDIA CUDA, contours, background subtraction, and color spacing with alwaysAI.

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

12:00 - 12:45 PM PST

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About this event

Learn how using CUDA can accelerate your Computer Vision applications. In this Hacky Hour, alwaysAI's CTO, Steve Griset will introduce NVIDIA CUDA and contours. Follow along as we demonstrate how to apply background subtraction and color spacing using CUDA with alwaysAI.

This virtual event, hosted on Zoom, will be offered FREE of charge! We hope you’ll join us for Hacky Hour online!

About alwaysAI:

alwaysAI brings deep learning Computer Vision (CV) to embedded devices. We provide developers with an easy-to-use platform to quickly build and deploy deep learning CV applications on IoT devices like cameras, drones, wearables, robots, and transportation units. We give intelligent sight to these devices and enable them to autonomously make smart decisions in real-time.

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Access the sample code that will be used in the demo.



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