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alwaysAI fast-tracks the creation and deployment of computer vision apps on edge devices. Our developer platform works with many AI model framework technologies and endpoint environments, and comes pre-loaded with a growing model catalog, starter apps, and core computer vision functionalities (including object detection, tracking and counting; image classification, pose estimation, and semantic segmentation) enabling the development of a wide range of computer vision applications.



With the advent of artificial intelligence technologies and increasing sophistication of computer vision platforms like alwaysAI, we want to see projects that incorporate this technology to improve the world we live in. We want to see computer vision being used for social good, or a sustainability project.

How would you make an impact to the world, if you could give intelligent sight to a machine?


  • Search & Rescue Drone
  • Device to support the visually-impaired
  • Traffic Alleviation System


Winning Criteria

Project must use the alwaysAI platform

Additionally, each team will be judged and rated 1-5 points or each of the following:

  • Clearly defined problem statement 
  • Computer vision is a key component of the idea 
  • Idea must have real-world Impact 
  • Completeness of project
  • Creativity of Concept
  • Technical Innovation/Sophistication

Prize Details

  • Robot Kit
  • A Raspberry pi
  • Movidius Neural Compute Stick (Accelerator)


Ready to create a computer vision application for an edge device? Get started below.


Deploy to the edge in minutes, not weeks

Our easy-to-use platform brings together model frameworks, APIs and embedded environments in just three steps:


Choose a Model


Choose a model

Select from a catalog of deep learning CV models or upload your own.



Develop your app

Use our flexible and customizable APIs to quickly enable core computer vision services.

Deploy to the edge


Deploy to the edge

Quickly prototype, test and iterate with a variety of camera-enabled ARM-32, ARM-64 and x86 devices.




alwaysAI Experience


The alwaysAI Experience

  1. Install alwaysAI tooling

  2. Select model based on computer vision project

  3. Use edgeIQ APIs to build your application

  4. Deploy to edge device via Docker image

  5. Run application on the edge device



Model Frameworks Supported



Darknet (YOLO)

edgeIQ Services

Object Detection

Image Classification

Object Tracking

Object Counting

Facial Detection

Human Pose Estimation

Semantic Segmentation

edgeIQ Methods

Prediction Labels

Prediction Confidences

Prediction Filtering

Image Manipulation

Video Manipulation

Devices Supported

Docker on ARM32

Docker on ARM64

Docker on x86

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Qualcomm RB3


Intel Myriad Accelerator

HubSpot Video

Learn more about how we're unleashing the power of computer vision on the edge. 

  • Rapid creation and development
  • End-to-end platform
  • Optimized for the edge
  • Leading the computer vision revolution

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