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Recent trends in computation and automation highlight a massive and sustained growth for computer vision based applications on the edge. Market research also points to tremendous interest in these applications amongst entrepreneurs and developers alike. However, developing commercial-grade Computer Vision applications for the edge is hard (link to the new article here). There are two primary reasons for this.

First, in comparison to traditional enterprise software development, computer vision applications for edge devices pose a different set of challenges in dealing with new domains like data science and deep learning.

The challenges span both technology and business. For example, how does a developer specify the requirements for a complex system with multiple Deep Neural Network models that are likely to provide varying levels or performance in the field? Other business challenges include managing costs, quality risks, time to market and understanding customer requirements in a new domain with a steep learning curve.

Second, these applications require an ensemble of developers with varied backgrounds in AI, computer vision, deep learning, embedded systems, hybrid cloud, backend and application development. It is difficult to create an in-house team with such varied backgrounds. On the other hand, outsourcing some of these components can prove to be very expensive and keeps the innovation and knowledge outside of the hiring firm. Due to these challenges, many highly successful developers and enterprises remain wary of entering the computer vision space. 

alwaysAI breaks down these barriers and unlocks the power of Computer Vision on the edge. Our platform simplifies computer vision application development by providing out of the box support for many popular use cases such as pose estimation, object detection, semantic segmentation & image classification. The underlying DNN models for these use cases are supported across frameworks and edge IoT hardware. 

Find out more about the hurdles of developing edge based computer vision applications and how alwaysAI is simplifying this process by reading our latest white paper: Simplifying the Development of Computer Vision Applications for the Edge. Download the full white paper below!

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