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Solve your most persistent business problems

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We're excited to share how we can help you:

check mark Increase revenue, maximize operational efficiencies and improve safety by automating 'vision' in the real world.
check mark Capture more accurate data to target inefficiencies, detect anomalies, and better address productivity issues. 
check mark Enhance customer experience with real-time notification for people counting, dwell time and foot traffic, and more.

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Make computer vision your competitive edge

alwaysAI provides industry-leading computer vision solutions so enterprises can optimize their business processes, increase efficiency, and maximize ROI. Your most persistent problems – whether it's labor, materials, or services – are because of a lack of robust, real-time insights about your business.

With alwaysAI Smart Retail you can:

check mark Get accurate, real-time occupancy counts.
check mark Monitor and manage wait times at checkouts in real-time.
check mark Track foot traffic and dwell time to enhance customer experience.
check mark Implement frictionless checkout for improved speed of service.
People standing in checkout line at retail store

With alwaysAI Smart Venues you can:

check mark Receive immediate safety alerts to minimize costly accidents.
check mark Track foot traffic and dwell time to maximize sponsorship deals.
check mark Get accurate, real-time occupancy counts
check mark Monitor wait times at checkouts for faster service.
People detection at stadium concession stand

With alwaysAI Smart Construction you can:

check mark Track site progress and improve efficiencies.
check mark Receive immediate safety alerts to minimize costly accidents and injuries.
check mark Monitor confined spaces in real-time.
check mark Get real-time delivery materials notifications.
check mark Know who and how many is onsite with occupant worker counting.
Computer vision detects PPE and people on construction site and sends notification when a delivery has arrived

With alwaysAI Smart Manufacturing you can:

check mark Detect anomalies and defects on production lines.
check mark Get real-time alerts about label and packaging issues.
check mark Receive immediate safety alerts to minimize costly accidents and injuries.
check mark Monitor distribution and trucking capacity with volumetric space detection.

 Instantly audit your processes to learn exactly where you can improve your top and bottom lines and boost ROI.

Defect detection at manufacturing plantt
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Why enterprises choose alwaysAI

Our state-of-the-art computer vision models and applications are built to address your biggest industry pain points. We’ve partnered with innovative companies to leverage the power of computer vision on the edge. alwaysAI’s customizable world-class solutions align with your specific business needs making us leaders in the computer vision market.

check mark Our solutions are built to run on the edge.
check mark We provide end-to-end solutions or we can work with your IT team.  
check mark No need to cull through video footage or unnecessary data to get the information you need.
check mark  Make better business decisions immediately.
check mark Get world-class support from our team of AI experts.

"Our customers are seeking accurate and reliable real-time data of their operations and processes, this partnership helps DTiQ fast-track its computer vision AI, analytics, IoT, and machine learning solutions to increase value for our 45,000+ customers".

Mike Coffey

"This partnership enables Doorcounts to bring cutting-edge technology to market faster. The alwaysAI platform provides the power and flexibility needed to facilitate the transformation retailers everywhere are searching for".

Jerry Murphey
President of Doorcounts™

"The transition to electric vehicles is a major change that requires highly innovative technology at a reasonable price. Decarbonizing transportation is a critical global challenge, and Evolectric, with partners like alwaysAI, is taking it head-on".

Bill Beverley
Co-Founder, Co-CEO, & CTO at Evolectric

"The construction industry is rapidly changing and leveraging new technologies to build smarter, manage people and materials more efficiently, and improve ROI. alwaysAI provides a unique software to help us rapidly prototype and deploy a wide variety of apps on the edge to improve our business".

Aaron Anderson
Director of Innovation at Swinerton

"At Seafloor Systems, our challenges are uniquely positioned to use a computer vision platform like alwaysAI because the very nature of our work is on the edge. alwaysAI gives us the freedom to be innovative in our solutions because their team built the platform with flexibility at the core".

Marcos Barrera
Lead Robotics, and AI Research Engineer at Seafloor Systems

"This partnership helps POSU bring cutting-edge technology to market faster. Our work in computer vision, and especially with alwaysAI, is a great example of how we use innovation to support our customers' success while extending our leadership position".

Michael Cassidy
CEO of POS Upgrades, Inc.

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